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Gajar Ka Halwa


Carrots (grated): 1kg 

Sugar: 1cup 

Milk Powder: 2cups 

Small Cardamom: 3-4 

Banaspati: 1/2 cup


1) Spread carrots in a frying pan and steam them on medium heat for 5-6 minutes so that the water in the carrots dries. 
2) In a wok, slighlty heat the banaspati and add caradmom. When it pops, add sugar and stir for 3-4 minutes. When the Sugar starts to melt, add carrots and stir well until water in the sugar dries. 
3) Add milk powder a little at a time and stir will on a slightly high flame until banaspati seprates. Remove from heat and spread the halwa on a tray 
4) Garnish and serve hot

Preliminary food for weight loss

Tried a lot of ways people hoping to lose weight. In terms of food, most effective methods is reduced to the capacious words of Maya Plisetskaya, "have less to eat." But what if you try to go to the contrary? That is, in order to lose weight before meals ... eat. This approach to losing weight is called the Prue-power.

weight loss

Preliminary food for weight loss: what is the point?The method of Prue-feeding weight loss lies in the fact that for 15 - 30 minutes before main meals you can eat something light. So the first most acute hunger is appeased, and you will eat less than usual, a portion of the main meal. Usually a portion of calories is about twice as less than the amount of calories, to which can safely reduce the main meal. For example, your usual lunch consists of 600 calories.Before eating a snack at 50 calories for dinner, you eat about 400 calories. And nadirs by eating 150 calories less.In addition to reducing caloric intake, Prue-diet will help to avoid stretching of the stomach.The method of Prue-meal serves three main functions:

Lose weight for 100 days: lean menu

For many the thought of losing weight is a sense of melancholy: it will limit the harm favorite. What can we say about the time of Lent, when the need to abandon not only the delicious unhealthy, some bias, but also from such ordinary products such as meat, milk, eggs and butter. However, this gives us a time of fasting, so that by limiting the solid, we were able to get spiritual. But those who want to lose weight, and physically will benefit: they have an additional opportunity to adjust its shape.

Today let's talk about what products can and should be included in the Lenten menu. What can be eaten fasting? How to answer this question a priest, the main thing - do not eat people. But this is the attitude of his neighbors. And in the culinary aspect?In fact, lean menu can (and should!) To be varied. After all, we need a healthy balanced diet, and during Lent, many nutritious foods are forbidden. So these are the ingredients must be present at the table, lean on a mandatory basis:

How to eat in the spring

In spring our bodies need special support. It is in this time of impact fatigue after winter, colds are transferred, the lack of sunlight and vitamins. How to eat in the spring to help the body to recuperate?As in an attempt to saturate the body with nutrients did not gain weight, lose weight and whether at this time? The answers to these questions - in the article.Spring - a wonderful time for proper nutrition. After all, most often appear on our table fresh vegetables and then fruit. And it's great, because such a diet, first, vitaminizing us, and secondly, the body takes on a more useful, easy, natural food, rather than the one we used in the winter. In this part out of "hibernation" should be the use of vitamin and mineral complexes. Vitamin deficiency is accompanied by modern humans is compounded continuously and precisely in the spring.

In addition to vitamins, spring diet must include:- The right breakfast - it depends on him being all day long. The best is a breakfast consisting of protein foods (milk, eggs, fish, cheese) and whole grain cereals. The best breakfast for weight control and nutrition throughout the day - a cocktail of Herbalife F1.- A nutritious meal - it is desirable to start with a salad. Fiber-rich vegetables are removed from the body toxins accumulated over the winter. Better prepare meatless soup, because the body was so tired of fatty meat broths. The second dish is desirable to bake, or put out, as soft foods is absorbed better.

Useful properties of lettuce

The usual salad, which gave the name of the eponymous dish, grown and consumed almost all the gardeners, but many of them and do not represent what the useful properties of lettuce.
They contain vitamins C, E, B, P, PP, A, K, folic acid, magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron, iodine, alkaloids and bitterness, and the milky juice of the leaves contains laktutsin. It is these substances and determine the useful properties of lettuce.
Fresh lettuce leaves are green in this doctor. Folic acid stimulates the blood, lowers cholesterol and helps prevent atherosclerosis, hypertension, obesity, recovery of lost power.
Salad is a diuretic, choleretic, sedative, antitussive and expectorant properties. A large iron content makes it useful in the treatment of anemia and blood loss, and magnesium - in the recovery of damaged tissues.
In folk medicine, the juice of lettuce used for gastritis, heartburn, ulcers, cystitis, rheumatism and arthritis. Infusion of lettuce is useful for insomnia and diabetes. Lettuce leaves are part of some homeopathic medicines to treat high blood pressure, liver, heart and blood vessels. Infusion of lettuce seeds increases lactation in nursing mothers.
Malokalorien salad, but it contains a lot of fiber, and therefore included in many diets. Its useful to use with dishes of vegetables, fish, meat, seafood and grain dishes. Lettuce is usually not subjected to heat treatment for it, they lose much of the useful properties.

Cabbage salad tasty and healthy

Many people are happy to eat a salad of cabbage, even without knowing about its beneficial properties.
Useful properties of cabbage
A.) Cabbage stimulates the bowel, this should draw the attention of those who suffer from constipation.
2.) It is recommended to consume at least 500 grams a day nutritionists for those who seek to lose weight. It has the properties of coarse fibers, bringing products from the body, not allowing them to settle in the form of fat on your body.
Three.) With abundant potassium content strengthens the heart muscle.
4). Extremely useful product for diabetes, as it contains lactic acid and small amounts of carbohydrates.
5.) Is very rich in vitamin C, in which the body desperately needs during a cold.
6.) Dear women, you are in constant pursuit of youth buy expensive creams, while the tartan acid slows aging of the skin.
Coleslaw is relevant in both summer and winter.
In the summer, it is recommended to cook cabbage salad with lots of vegetables.
Recipe 1.
Ingredients: cabbage, tomatoes, green onions (onion can be), cucumber, parsley or dill, vegetable oil, salt to taste.
Finely slice the cabbage, cucumbers and tomatoes cut into thin strips, slice onion and herbs. Stir and season foods with vegetable oil.
For a festive meal fit cabbage salad with crab sticks. 

Recipe 2

Ingredients: cabbage, crab sticks, cooked sausage, canned corn, mayonnaise.


Finely slice the cabbage, cut into cubes crab sticks, and sausage.Combine all products, season with mayonnaise. 

Wack balisha with pumpkin and millet

Long ago, when the potatoes from the Tatars was not there, his placein contemporary dishes occupied cereals. Perhaps the most popularwas the millet.
One of the oldest cooking stuffing options for SAM-belish and Vaccine belish - a filling of pumpkin and millet. She will study. It is worth it, this soft, fluffy, sweet orange mass.

Cabbage with meat in Dungan

Beef: meat, without the connective tissue. Is cut very thin slices.There is enough meat 100-200, largely Dungan dishes meat is the main component, and the only shade. And then, when it is thinlysliced​​, it seems like a lot.
Onion, medium or large. Cut into half rings or quarter-rings.
Cabbage - half pound of head. Maybe more. Cutting-straw.
And onions, cabbage and sliced ​​so that it is convenient to grabsticks.

Easy Grape and Rosemary Focaccia

It would be great if I had the time to make "real" focaccia bread, unfortunately my life is just too crammed with a million other activities at the moment.  However, this simplistic version of the classic Italian peasant bread comes together in an instant. 

This is wonderful finger food and a great party appetizer.  In the oven, the grapes become lightly roasted, soft and juicy.  The contrast of the salt and sweet really make this a winner.

Crispy Cornmeal Shrimp

Who doesn't love crispy fried shrimp?  It's such a quick and easy meal to throw together.  I always keep a bag of frozen shrimp in my freezer, which makes serving this that much simpler.  

We are definitely shrimp lovers in our household, I know I've said that before.  What I like about using cornmeal is the
coating doesn't become too thick and you can actually taste the shrimp and the seasoning as opposed to a mouthful of breading.  My kids really appreciate this.